Book of Seasons

This is a book collected by the Monks of the Word, in Caer Dathyl.

The book is officially titled the Book of Seasons, and tells of the various religions about the realm, and the various deities they recognize and worship.

Called the Book of Weal and Woe by commoners, it is sometimes viewed superstitiously. Although the contents are zealously guarded in the Monastery of the Word, there are only a few copies floating about the realm, and only the copy in Caer Dathyl is considered accurate, since the monks are constantly updating the information contained with all manner of tidbits gleaned from tales of the mighty from about the realm.

Although the Eldari mortals are not deities, there are occasionally those who try to follow them, and are rebuffed. Since religious beliefs need not make sense, strictly speaking, the Monks of the Word chose to include these legendary heros, simply to address the matter of those who follow them.

The book is divided into three parts:

The Book of Weal

The Book of the Way Between

The Book of Woe

Book of Seasons

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