Parentage & Kin

  • Eldari Mortal
  • Son of Taliesin and the elfmaid Llyrianza
  • Brother of Araunial and Imraeil, half-brother of Istiriel Windborne

Deeds and Titles

  • The Dreamer
  • The Visionary


  • Neutral Good


Adaon divides his time between Caer Dathyl and Celebnost, and spends much of his time wandering the land between the two. In both locations, he dwells beneath his father’s roof, and in Celebnost he is treated as the lord of the manor, since Taliesin hasn’t dwelt there in several centuries.


Adaon is not a deity, nor does he accept followers. He offers no spells, nor powers, but follows the teachings of his father, Taliesin.
He is a prophet, however, having a knack for true dreams. He is also a very skilled interpreter of the dreams of others.



Adaon is a mortal, if one of exceedingly high lineage. As an Eldari, and one of few such in the Hinterlands, he suffers not the ignominy of aging, but he is susceptible to the ravages of illness and violence.
The wise seek his council in the matter of dreams and visions, and he travels frequently between Caer Dathyl, in the Eagle Mountains, whence Taliesin, his father, is Loremaster, and the Eastern Islands, where the Beyonder himself is said to hold court over his kinfolk.
Although he decends from the lineage of the Seldarine, he is not a god. He has no power to grant to followers and would-be priests, and declines to accept followers, though he welcomes those who come to him in friendship, and can generally sense the sincerity of such men, due to his exceptional wisdom and foresight in the matter of precognition.

Lluagor (his horse)

A lanky, brown palfrey (mare) with well-balanced legs and a smooth, easy pace, he is as often seen with this beast as he is afoot.


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