(the Fallen Prince)


Parentage & Kin
Celestine of the House of Dawn
Son of Gwydion Greatlord and Estaria
Brother to Kanei

Deeds and Titles
Fallen Prince of the House of Dawn
The Betrayer

Lawful Neutral

Aleksei dwells at Silvermere in the Western Cantrev, close under the Black Mountains, where he functions as the Lord and WarLeader of the Western Cantrev, responsible for defending its interests should battle threaten.
Aleksei has also been known to function as WarLeader of Annuvin in the past.

Aleksei is a god of warriors. His loyalty is to Annuvin, and any who pledge to follow him are expected to serve Annuvin also. Most in the realm who choose to follow him, also travel to Silvermere to serve him directly. He offers his priests few spells, but prepares them well for wading into battle.

Clerickal Pool
Minor Domain of Combat
Minor Domain of Nature

Weapon Proficiency
In addition to the standard cleric weaponry, a priest of Aleksei may utilize double-edged blade weapons, and also shields.

Dodge Improvement (lvl 1)
The priest is trained in avoiding blows through timing and deception. His base Armor Class improves by one point at every odd level (lvl 1, 3, 5, etc) in any circumstance where he can employ his dexterity and dodge bonuses. It stacks with natural armor and shield bonuses, as well as any other bonuses, but, this ability does not function while wearing any actual armor – the priest must either depend solely upon this power, or else do without it.

Hit Die Bonus (lvl 3)
A priest with this ability uses a d10 for his Hit Dice instead of a d8 (from this point forward).

Base Attack Bonus (lvl 5)
The priest’s BAB advances at the warrior rate of 1 per level instead of the normal priest rate (from this point onward)

Weapon Specialization (lvl 9)
This ability allows a priest to choose to take the weapon specialization feat in a single, double-edged, slashing, sword-type weapon using the normal specialization rules. Note that this is not a bonus feat; the priest must still spend the required number of feats to gain proficiency in the weapon, and to specialize in it.

Aleksei prefers that his followers learn self reliance and the use of a weapon, for war is his business, though not his obsession. Priests have the option of selecting from the category of double-edged sword-type weapons at any time. He also allows his followers the use of the shield. A common sight among these highly uncommon priests is a bastard sword and a shield, with no visible armour. A good Dexterity is highly valued among priests of this faith.

Alekseism is a low-key religion, with few restrictions on its followers. Although Aleksei himself serves Arawn Deathlord, he has no love for him, and while insisting that his followers serve the Forces of Darkness, does not concern himself with the details.
Holy Days in the calendar of the Dark consists mainly of the Autumn Festival, a week of drunkenness and debauchery, culminating in a ritual sacrifice at twilight on the night of the Autumn Feast (the Autumnal Equinox), however Aleksei’s followers are not obliged to observe these holidays. Midwinter is also a sacred day in this calendar, but is usually celebrated individually with a long night of meditation.

Arradon, his horse
A black stallion with white socks and a star on his face; large, powerful, but lightly built (Andalusian style)


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