Parentage & Kin
Fourth Celdarine
Second Son of Dawn and Ereshkigal
Brother of Gwydion Greatlord, Estaria, Zardina, Achren and the Mawr Llewd
Sometime Consort of Achren
Sometime Consort of Selemvara
Sometime Consort of Ereshkigal
Father of Samhirra, the Bloodletter and Selemvara (the Deathspawn) by Ereshkigal

Deeds and Titles
Lord of Evil
Once Master of the Mawr Llewd
Sometimes called the Hornèd King

Lawful Evil

Arawn Deathlord dwells in the Iron Fortress of Annuvin, deep underground, believed to be situated beneath Annuvin Tor. Few have seen those black halls, and remain in a position to discuss the subject. Achren has, but does not at present divulge any of what she knows. Kanei also has walked its halls, but as he normally visits as a guest, he considers it in poor taste to divulge what he has seen for the purposes of warfare.
And of course the darker lords, Arawn, Bloodletter, Samhirra, Selemvara and Aleksei, have all trod Annuvin’s halls at one point or another, and none can reasonably be expected to share their knowledge of its strengths, weaknesses, layout or design.
Legend holds that it was crafted by Achren, by magic, and that it is virtually indestructible.

The Deathlord is a powerful deity, seeking to subjugate the Hinterlands to his will. His war against the Ogre Princes, which brought him to this land, is still ongoing, but his use of the humans and other lesser races as fodder in this war was what brought the attention of the House of Dawn.
He is the product of the Divine Laws of Dawn, and as such is every bit as lawful as Gwydion.
He has a deep, and abiding respect for Gwydion Greatlord, and resents Achren’s manipulations, which caused Gwydion to sacrifice himself, for he sees the ensuing imbalance as unlawful. He seems reluctant to take the field of battle, under the present circumstances, perhaps believing such a battle to be some form of underhandedness.
He has a profound dislike for Achren and her forces at this time, as a result of both Gwydion’s death, and her perceived infidelity, when she bore the Beyonder three children.
He claims to believe that the Beyonder and Achren plotted between them to bring down Gwydion Greatlord, and that Zephyr Elflord’s position at the height of the Forces of the Light is proof of this, but whether he truly believes this, or merely uses it as a ploy and an excuse to focus on Zephyr’s bloodline is unknown.
Arawn’s main focus at the moment appears to be the defeat and destruction of the Beyonder, and the eradication of his line. To this end, he permitted Samhirra and the Bloodletter to lay siege to Hwestanfauglir, and to defeat, destroy and defile those who stood against them there.
Through Selemvara’s skill, he has become the only deity in the realm to have true mastery over the forces of Death and Unlife. He uses this mastery carefully, for his seat of power is Annuvin, and as his machinations travel farther and farther away from that dark fortress, the power which animates and motivates them diminishes.

Clerickal Pool
Minor Domain of Evil
Minor Domain of Law
Domain of Charm
Domain of Combat
Domain of Death
Domain of Evil
Domain of Law
Domain of War

Command Undead (lvl 1)
Priests of the Deathlord may use the Turn Undead tables in order to Rebuke or Command Undead, provided such undead are not already under the control of a more powerful priest of the same faith.
Once such undead fall under the control of an Arawnite, only a more powerful priest of Arawn can wrest control of them away again.

Detect Undead (lvl 1)
A priest with this ability may use the Detect Undead spell as a spell-like-ability once per day, plus once per two levels. The duration and area of effect are as though the priest had just cast the spell, however the ability may draw upon whichever is greater, the priest’s wisdom or charisma.

Cold Resistance (lvl 3)
The priest enjoys an unusual resistance to natural and magical cold, gaining a +2 to fortitude saves versus cold-based effects. For cold-based effects which do not normally allow for a fortitude save (such as a dragon’s breath weapon), the priest may opt not to make the requisite save (reflex, in this case), instead making a fortitude save against the same difficulty, to cut the damage in half.
In addition, the priest gains damage resistance +2 per three levels against cold-based damage, should any such damage reach him.

Resist Energy Drain (lvl. 5)
Priests with this ability gain a +2 to saves against level and experience and life-draining attacks of the undead, as well as against spells which mimic these effects. They may make these saves even against effects which normally allow no saves, receiving only half damage.

Followers (lvl 7)
If the PC has not already taken it, they now receive Leadership as a bonus feat. They may acquire followers at any time that they manage to establish a stronghold for themselves.

Clerics of Arawn Deathlord are encouraged to wield slashing and piercing weapons, rather than bludgeoning weapons, leaving as much of the opponent intact as possible, for the benefit of future necromancy. Crushing weapons are discouraged. Priests are welcome to wear anything up to heavy armour, however, and may carry shields.
Arawn’s policies are constantly shifting, in keeping with his most current gambits against the Forces of the Light, and those of the Beyonder. While there is a hiatus in the matter of direct conflict, Arawn has fought an insidious battle to control the hearts and minds of the people of the Hinterlands, in order to undermine the Light, ever since he forsook outright battle.
Priests of his are usually in direct contact with one another at a temple or in an occult circle, and occasionally receive direct instruction from him in the matter of new policies.
It is worth noting that Clergy of Arawn Deathlord are the only priests in the realm capable of casting either Raise Dead or Resurrect, thus breaching the Veil of Death. Due to their predilection for necromancy, however, it is difficult to persuade one to cast such magic.


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