(the Hornèd Prince)


Parentage & Kin
Second Deathspawn
First Son of Arawn Deathlord and Ereshkigal
Brother of Samhirra and Selemvara

Deeds and Titles
The Hornèd Prince
Master of the Huntsmen

Lawful Evil

He dwells alternately in Annuvin, at his father’s heel, or in Szighulbor, at the right hand of his sister Samhirra.

As deities go, the Bloodletter is fairly mindless. His primary duty is to function as a field commander in battle, and as such he is fairly skilled, however his tactics and strategies often depend purely on brute strength, and overwhelming numbers.
It was a forgone conclusion, when Aleksei turned to the Dark, that he would replace the Bloodletter as warleader, freeing up the Bloodletter to command his own troops, and to function as a weapon of the Deathlord.
He carries a reputation for being invulnerable to physical harm. Those injuries which seem to be severe, he merely shrugs off, and ignores. His only weaknesses appear to be in the matter of intellect, and he can often be outwitted through various means, including by magical deception.

Clerickal Pool
Domain of Combat
Domain of War

Command Undead (lvl 1)
Priests of the Bloodletter may use the Turn Undead tables in order to Rebuke or Command Undead, provided such undead are not already under the control of a more powerful priest of the same faith, or of Arawn Deathlord.

Berserker (lvl 1)
Priests of the Bloodletter may catapult themselves into a frenzied rage using the rules for Barbarian Raging.
They may use this power once per day, plus once for every level divisible by four.
While raging, they may not cast spells or activate powers unless specifically described as such.
This ability can make them devastating in combat, both to friend and foe, for until the duration of the rage has expired, they will do their best to slay everyone standing.
Targets in order of priority are: clear enemies (including aggressive animals), undeclared enemies (ie innocent bystanders), allies, and then unintelligent or helpless creatures (infants, unconscious bodies, domestic animals, etc).
They will continue to fight until they are unconscious, or the rage has expired. Although they prioritize their enemies, they are free to move from one to another, or to focus their attention on one particular enemy, while that rank of target is yet a valid rank.
If they have not used up this ability, and reached 0 hp in combat, they must pass a will save vs. DC 20 to avoid flying into a rage.
This ability does not stack with itself; multiple uses will not increase the bonuses, but can be used to offset the penalties associated with the fatigue which follows a rage.

Insight (lvl 3)
Their experience now lends them the ability to assess the relative strengths of their enemies. At will, they may gaze at their enemies for one round, and determine which is the most powerful.
In essence, enemies are ranked in order of hit dice or levels. This does not give them the ability to tell a wizard from a rogue from a fighter at a glance, but it does tell them which of five wizards is of the highest level.
Note that a level 7 theurge who has expended his spells for the day still counts as a higher priority than a level 5 thaumaturge with a level 5 warder, despite the strong potential for the thaumaturge and warder to be more devastating in combat situations.
These insights do not override their prioritization in berserking mode, the priest still has the final judgement call to make, but it does give him a bit of an edge.
This power may be used while berserking.

Little is known of the Bloodletter, save that he is Master of the Huntsmen; Rangers, hovering on the brink of undeath, bloodsworn to serve Arawn, and granted mighty power to fulfill his designs.
He arrived in the Hinterlands, according to the Deathlore of Annuvin, with his two sisters, heeding the call of their father to bring war to the Hinterlands.
Lacking in imagination, the Bloodletter is a deadly tool in battle, and has on occasion led the forces of Annuvin to strike out at the forces of the Beyonder.
He was the cause of the death of Ithiel Elfling and, along with his sisters, was instrumental in bringing the Shadowlands under the control of Annuvin.
He now sports the despoiled skull of Ithiel Elfling as a battle trophy, adorned with horns and antlers, to form a battle crown.
In essence, his policies reflect those of Arawn; slay the Beyonder and his kin, and fight for the cause of the Dark. Although he is lawful, he occasionally needs reining in by Arawn, since his bloodthirsty nature occasionally drives him towards the chaotic.
For this reason, priests of his are more likely to be found in conflict with the House of Dawn than are priests of Arawn at this time.
His clergy are far less organized than Arawn’s, and often a solitary priest may be found terrorizing a small community in isolation, exalting in his victories and horrifying the populace.


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